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This site has been created as a means for us to communicate with the greater school community. We hope that the information provided through this website and its educational links will assist parents, our students, and others as well, to learn more about what we do to support the teaching and learning process at this school.

Raffle Winners

April 1st - Deborah Fogel

April 2nd - Alexis Peterson

April 3rd - Griswold

April 4th - Andrea Kellner

April 5th - Pete Calhoun

April 6th - Andrea Kellner

April 7th - Bob Luminati

April 8th - Alexis Peterson

April 9th - Mrs. Ducey

April 10th - Mrs. Pace

April 11th - Mrs. Mckeon

April 12th - Maggie Gdovin

April 13th - Maggie Gdovin

April 14th - Shelby Luminati

April 15th - Mr. Pastre

April 16th - Chris DeLong

April 17th - Mrs. Dietter

April 18th - Kelly Kilmer

April 19th - Deborah Fogel

April 20th - Brent Colley

April 21st - James Shepard

April 22nd - Robin Foley

April 23rd - Linda Kinney

April 24th - C. Yohe

 April 25th - Pat Purdy

April 26th - Ms. Connor

April 27th - Gretchen Hachmeister

April 28th - John Widing

April 29th - Pete Calhoun

April 30th - Michelle Purdy


Raffle 2017